The Urban Rest Stop has allowed me to clean up in order to help me get employment. They have treated me fairly and with dignity. Without these services (and they have told me of countless other resources) it would have been infinitely more difficult to improve my situation. More services of this type would enhance others’ chances to better themselves. Thanks especially to Heather and Greg.


I was stranded in Seattle, having lost my bus ticket to Sacramento. I was able to do laundry and shower at the Rest Stop and got referral information for food and shelter. The Rest Stop also helped me get bus fare home. God bless the Rest Stop.


Having to work for a living, being able to take a shower before going to work has helped me immeasurably. I find the Urban Rest Stop a clean, helpful facility and has helped me gain a measure of self respect.


When I first got to Seattle it took me three days to figure out what the Urban Rest Stop was all about. With the help of the staff and the facilities available it has enabled me to maintain myself to be presented to others and myself, not only on the outside, but as a pick-up mentally and keep some level of sanity through the madness of being homeless.


It helps me out in a lot of different ways. Having a job and doing the kind of work I do. Not having a place at the moment to shower, when you need to. Other places that have services for the homeless shut down at the end of business hours. But the Urban Rest Stop stays open long enough for a person to take a shower when they get off work.


The Urban Rest Stop has been helpful to me. Having a job that is unpredictable, the hours of operation is greatly helpful. Thanks.

-Akai Ali

“Getting myself out of a homeless situation is possible because of places like this. It’s amazing what a clean clothes and a shower can do. It allows me to feel somewhat good enough to remain clean and sober, look for a job and housing. I am a person who has always worked, but ran into a financial jam. Not being able to take showers, have clean clothes, paralyzes the ability to gain even an inch of self worth.”

-Bobbi P.

“Before I got housing this place meant a lot to me. It’s bad enough being homeless but showering and shaving made me feel like a human being.”

-Nuit F.

“Showering and being able to wash my clothes, is essential to maintain my sanity and sense of dignity while I am still homeless…the self esteem I have today is in a big way because the URS has allowed me to appear clean, fresh, shaved and dignified every day.”

-Adam C.